Where it all began…

When we talk about Bernie’s Brewery it is extremely difficult to explain in mere words who we are and what defines us. Bernie’s represents much more than the nostalgia of the beauty of the misty mountains of Rhodes. It represents sacrifice, hard work, family, fellowship & diversity. Each one of these strong statements has its own story to tell.

Bernie’s Brewery was established in 2013 out of the heart of an entrepreneur and the beginnings was sincerely humble. Like a mad scientist Bernie experimented with copper boilers and insulated containers and DIY made emergent chillers. Not to say all the endless piping and huge quantities of worts heated and chilled to combine the correctly calculated ingredients of hops, malts and yeast into that perfection of a traditional real ale that will linger in your memory, slowly imprinting its unique code into your neurological system with every sip you take.

Bernie established a production line and quickly needed labor to assist with the brewing process. The sheep and cattle handlers had to assume additional duties on our farm, Earlstown, to keep with the supply of traditional real ales. Still today they are actively involved in the brewing process of our uniquely brewed traditional ales Bernie trained our very first brewer Julius who to this day is our head brewer. Bernie and Julius made ales day and night to keep up with the demand for Bernie’s traditional ales and various craft beer enthusiast started to seek out the highest brewery in Africa, where we produce small batched brewed traditional ales of only the finest imported hops, malts and yeast into a perfected ale.

And so humble beginning also sprouts and grow over time and Bernie then partnered with his son, who share the same entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Father and son teamed up quickly established the business vision and mission for the future of the business and got the ball rolling and so Bernie and son opened the second brewery in the mother city Pretoria. Bringing the same quality and consistency our unique traditional ales closer to the market, The Pretoria branch has also become the main brewery which is located on a small hilltop in the Mountain Honey Estate, just off Nellmapius Drive and a stone throw away from Willow Feather Tree Farm

The original brewer continues in the misty mountains of Rhodes where Julius heats up the boiler seasonally to keep the supply of our traditional real ales during the peak seasons of the year.

| What makes us different?

Bernie’s Brewery is defined by our dynamic and diverse culture. We are passionate about our trade and we empower our shareholders and staff to be actively part of our business. Our Micro – Brewery specialize in small batched brewing traditional real ales. Making use of our own uniquely developed techniques and trades secretes to produce that absolute perfect ale. Our ales are brewed with the only finest imported malts, hops and yeast.  Fresh mountain spring water is used to marry all these ingredients together into a perfected traditional ale. We take pride in our ales as they receive only the best care when we brew. Our consistency is guaranteed by our final product as each member of our company share the same values of applying infinite attention to detail in delivering the perfect traditional ales.