Bernie’s Authentic Saison


Bernie’s Saison is a pale, refreshing, highly-attenuated, moderately-bitter, moderate-strength Belgian ale with a very dry finish. Highly carbonated, and using non-barley cereal grains and optional spices for complexity, as complements the expressive yeast character that is fruity, spicy, and not overly phenolic.

It has a quite aromatic, with fruity, spicy, and hoppy characteristics evident.

The hop bitterness can be restrained, although it can seem accentuated due to the high attenuation levels.

Vital Stats
OG: 1.048 – 1.065 (standard)
IBU’s: 20 – 35 FG: 1.002 – 1.008 (standard)
SRM: 5 – 14 (pale) ABV: 3.5 – 5.0% (table)
15 – 22 (dark) 5.0 – 7.0% (standard)